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Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security

Welcome to the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Edo State, Nigeria.

We are committed to Support rural agribusiness Development to enhance income, food security and job creation for rural youth and women through agri-enterprise development on a sustainable basis.

One of our object is to Encourage the wide use of small scale efficiency low cost irrigation techniques for the production of valued dry season crops e.g Dry season vegetable around area with perennial water source.

The Edo State Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security evolved from the Department of Agriculture, established in the Southern protectorate of Nigeria in 1912. The Department of Agriculture metamorphosed into the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the defunct Western Region of Nigeria. In 1963, following the creation of Midwest Region, the Midwest Region Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources was created. In the wake of the 1967 creation of twelve states in Nigeria, Midwestern Region was renamed Midwestern state. As a consequence, the Midwestern state Ministry of Agriculture assumed the State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources. This later became Bendel State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in 1976 when the State was renamed.
In 1991, the bifurcation of the defunct Bendel State into Edo State Ministry of Agriculture. In 2008, the Forestry Department of the Ministry was emerged with the Ministry of Environment and Public Utilities leaving the ministry with nine departments.

In 2022, the Ministry was renamed Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security in order to suit current realities and the organizational structure was readjusted to Seven (7) departments to avoid duplication of activities and ensure effectiveness

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To provide food and nutritional security to the people of Edo State and make agriculture a profitable and attractive enterprise with sustainability


To increase production of agriculture enterprises where the state have comparative and competitive advantage using environmentally friendly science and technology while ensuring increased net farm income to farmers  through various schemes, programmes and welfare measures

Godwin Obaseki

Executive Governor, Edo State

Omobayo Marvellous Godwins

Deputy Governor, Edo State

HON. Stephen Ehikioya Idehenre

Honorable Commissioner

Thematic Area

Agric Services

To boost production of food, raw materials for industries and other ancillary issues in the State using modern agriculture techniques/mechanization and to promote/facilitate agro-investments.


To create an enabling environment& Promote overall growth in the fisheries industry and entire value chain to attain self sufficiency in fish production, processing & marketing.

Animal Husbandry

To Improve livestock production/productivity. To strengthen the commercialization of livestock value chains where the State has comparative advantage. To improve livestock productivity and commercialization of selected value chains and strengthen the country’s capacity to respond to an eligible crisis or emergency.

Veterinary Services

To provide comprehensive animal health care through clinical, ambulatory, and extension services to livestock owners pet owners and wildlife.
To ensure proper monitoring, regulating, compliance and enforcement of veterinary good emergency management practices.


To ensure that all harvested produce in Edo State are inspected and graded before they are fit for both human and animal consumption and for export standards in accordance to defined National and International laws (Bio-food safety, food security and surveillance)

Tree Crops

Direct multiplication of seedlings of major economic tree crops, viz; Oil palm, cacao, rubber, cashew, coffee to enhance availability to farmers at cost neutral rates in order to sustainably increase the State’s hectarage under cultivation to these tree crops.
Provision of advisory services to tree crop farmers
To implement the development of new interventions in the Tree Crop sub sector
To organize the interventions of the new stakeholders along the value chain.

Policy Planning Research and Statistics
To facilitate research on good agriculture practices for the state, establish data bank on agriculture, data collection, processing and analysis of school data in line with the Universal Basic Education. To provide seamless integrated services through the use of I.C.T. for more efficiency and effectiveness of all departmental objectives.

Organogram: Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security