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A delegation from the Abia State
Government recently visited Edo State to learn from and collaborate with the Edo State Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, acknowledging the latter as pacesetters in the agricultural sector. The Abia delegates praised Edo’s innovative strategies that have led to remarkable achievements in agriculture.

The Commissioner for Agriculture and Food Security in Edo State, Hon. Stephen Idehenre, welcomed his Abia State counterpart to the Agriculture Hub in Benin City. He highlighted that this visit is a testament of the agriculture revolution championed by the Governor Godwin Obaseki’s led administration through its distinctive approaches, particularly in areas such as oil palm development and other crop and livestock intensification initiative
Hon. Idehenre elaborated on the models, policies, and strategies employed by Edo State’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. He emphasized the state’s commitment to four key principles: Technical excellence, financial capacity, social inclusion, and gender diversity. The Commissioner also underscored Edo State’s strong belief in Public Private Partnership (PPP) and the enabling environment created for investors by Governor Godwin Obaseki.

Edo State has successfully attracted investors in cassava processing, with three companies currently processing cassava for starch and ethanol, amounting to over 2000 metric tons daily. The state is actively contributing to wealth creation for its citizens through empowerment programs in the production of cashew, coconut, and maize.

Hon. Idehenre expressed satisfaction with the collaboration, stating that it is a positive step for other states to study and replicate Edo State’s successful agricultural practices. He noted the impression left on the Abia State Commissioner for Agriculture and Food Security by Governor Godwin Obaseki’s initiatives and strategies in the agricultural sector.

In response, Prof. Monica Ironkwe, the Abia State Commissioner for Agriculture and Food Security, shared that their visit aimed at studying and collaborating with Edo State to enhance agriculture production and agribusiness development was an exciting experience with valuable knowledge and insight gained. She highlighted the challenges faced in the Agriculture sector in Abia State and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to gain insights from Edo State’s experiences.

Dr. Cliff Agbaeze, the Abia State Special Adviser on Agriculture to the Governor, extended gratitude to the Edo State Government for the collaboration, emphasizing its significance in strengthening their approach to investing in various agriculture subsector and attracting credible investors to Abia State.

Francisca Okojie
Media Officer
Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security

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