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Official website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security Nigeria.

We are committed to Increasing food security and safe functioning of food supply chain

Our Vision

To provide food and nutritional security to the people of Edo State and make agriculture a profitable and attractive enterprise with sustainability

Our Mission

To increase production of agriculture enterprises where the state have comparative and competitive advantage using environmentally friendly science and technology while ensuring increased net farm income to farmers through various schemes, programmes and welfare measures

Core Values





Our Team

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Commissioner’s Profile

An astute businessman farmer, writer and philanthropist, Stephen Ehikioya Idehenre was born in Ewossa in Igueben local government area in present Edo State on 2nd September, 1966 and currently Commissioner for Agriculture and Food Security.
Idehenre had his primary school leaving certificate from Obaseki Primary, Benin City and obtained his West African School Certificate from Annunciation College in Irrua, Esan central local government area before proceeding to the University of Benin for his law degree . Because of his quest for knowledge and the need to acquire requisite knowledge for public and business life, he also went to the Institute of Political Administration and Management where he was made a fellow of the institute thereafter, the Galilee International Management Institute in Israel for knowledge in the Aquaculture Industry.
Before his current appointment, he was Deputy Chief of Staff, Governor’s Office, Edo State between 2012 – 2014, a member, Edo State House of Assembly between 2007 and 2011 and Transition Committee chairman, Igueben local government area between 2003 and 2004.
A Fellow of the Institution of Political Administration Management (FIPAM) and a member of the PLANTATION OWNERS FORUM OF NIGERIA (POFON)

Our Function 

  • Formulation of Agricultural policies and facilitation of policy implementation
  • Establishment of standards and exercise of regulatory functions.
  • Facilitation of enabling environment for agribusiness development 
  • Creation of opportunities towards generation of gainful employment for the citizenry 
  • Facilitate the provision of farm inputs, machineries, infrastructure and other services necessary for the effective cultivation of food crops/cash crops, rearing of livestock and fish.
  • Facilitate the provision of support services for enhancement of agribusiness


  • Support to rural agribusiness Development to enhance income, food security and job creation for rural youth and women through agri-enterprise development on a sustainable basis
  • increasing food security and safe functioning of food supply chain To adapt and disseminate proven farm management technologies and practices to farmers
  • Encourage the wide use of small scale efficiency low cost irrigation techniques  for the production of valued dry season crops e.g Dry season vegetable around area with perennial water source
  • To collect and analyse data for programme planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • To provide easily adaptable technology and build up a strong veritable out grower’s scheme for supply of high quality farm inputs and planting materials to farmers.
  • Improve quality of produce through effective produce inspection and grading services for enhanced income and revenue generation
  • Increase the efficiency of agricultural extension services through regular technology transfer meetings between farmers, research and extension
  • Facilitate increase and more effective public and private investment in agriculture and rural development
  • Promote efficient, innovative and profitable investments in livestock and enhance public health through animal disease control and management.
  • Increase the efficiency and profitability of tree crop production via improved access to quality  seedlings for small and medium scale farmers
  • Undertake investments in production enhancing infrastructure in farming clusters to enable the provision of effective farm management services and improved access to productive resources.